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We Get It Right 1st Time

By concentrating our expertise in three core areas we're able to source candidates with the right mix of experience, culture fit and competency so you devote less time to interviewing and fill recruitment gaps faster.

This means the talent VIP Recruitment attracts has greater confidence in the positions for which they're selected, leading to higher levels of commitment and dependability.

VIP Recruitment will work closely with you for an intrinsic understanding of the recruitment support you need and minimise disruption by getting it right-first-time.

To us you're far more than "just another assignment". VIP Recruitment pride ourselves on our close and meaningful relationships that we build with our clients. Your problems and challenges become our problems and challenges and we work with you until we've surpassed them. Utilising our winning approach and deep understanding of optical recruitment and the optical market, we work closely with our clients to deliver a tailored and robust recruitment solution that gets results.

We don't claim to be revolutionary and we don't claim to turn the world of recruitment on it's head. Nor do we claim to have the latest technology or fancy computer programs that will perform recruitment miracles.

What we do claim however, is to do the basics incredibly well indeed and its that simplistic approach to recruitment, coupled with our expertise that simply gets our clients results.

We are niche and boutique and very proud of it, or as we like to say - We're small enough to care and big enough to deliver.

We promise we'll never -

  • Treat you as "just another assignment"
  • Make promises we can't 100% deliver
  • Put candidates in front of you that we aren't totally confident in
  • Introduce you to a candidate we've not thoroughly pre-screened

We're so confident in what we do and have such a high success rate of placing the right candidates candidates with the employers 1st time, we're able to offer one of the lowest fees in the industry - a flat fee of just 10%.

Tired of broken promises and disappointing recruitment results? You need to talk to VIP Recruitment.

Contact VIP Recruitment today to experience expert optical recruitment that delivers.



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